The team at is pleased to announce that we have received a new shipment of inventory with lots of new goodies.

Cheater Wrench output shaftFirst, we have redesigned the case of the Cheater Wrench, so it is smaller, stronger and molded to fit the Cheater Wrench and all components better. We also made an improvement to the wrench itself by adding a retaining ball bearing to the output shaft. What does that do? It keeps the socket securely on the Cheater Wrench so it doesn’t slip or fall off.

We’ve also received some new 1″ drive sockets! We have just about every metric size from 17mm to about 60mm at this point. If you need a 1″ drive socket in almost any metric size, we have it!

View all 1″ drive sockets here

Socket adapterIn our shipment were a few new accessories as well. The first is a 1″ female to 1/2″ male socket adapter. This allows you to use the Cheater Wrench with 1/2″ drive impact sockets, meaning you can use it on a regular automobile, not just heavy duty vehicles.

Click here to see the 1″ female to 1/2″ male socket adapter

Socket adapterThe second adapter is a 1″ male with a 1/2″ female. Once you have broken your lug nuts loose, simply use this adapter with your power drill to quickly take off your lug nuts. We also sell a drill bit to a 1/2″ drive adapter if you need one.

Click here to view the 1″ male to 1/2″ female socket adapter

We will be posting video demonstrations of these new products very soon, so stay tuned for more!