4 applications for the Cheater Wrench

As a car owner, it’s pretty stressful to have a tire blow out on the freeway or to find your flat in the parking lot after a long day of work. But what about RV owners? Truck drivers? or even tractor drivers?! Wheels on vehicles as larger as these can be almost impossible to replace on your own, resulting in a lot of time and money given to someone else.

Using conventional tools such as tire irons, ratchets, breaker bars, and even some wrenches can be time-consuming and sometimes futile. With massive vehicles like tractors and RV’s, there’s a good chance that a tire iron or a ratchet aren’t going to get the job done. But the Cheater Wrench can remove just about any lug nut.

The Cheater Wrench Makes Lug Nut Removal A Breeze


The Cheater Wrench is a torque amplifier. So you’re not just using the amount of strength you have in your body to turn the wrench. The Cheater Wrench is taking your force and multiplying it, using an internal gear system that enables almost effortless loosening of lug nuts on nearly any wheel.

To use the Cheater Wrench, all you have to do is place the drive socket on the target nut and connect the socket to the cheater wrench’s output shaft. The cheater wrench is then turned in the direction the nut needs to spin. After a few turns, the lug nut is loosened enough to complete the job with a small wrench or your bare hands.

The Cheater Wrench is so well put together that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Cheater Wrench Is Great For All Drivers

  1. Remove tight or rusty lug nuts easily, without the use of sprays and rust removal.
  2. Remove lug nuts on large vehicles like trucks, tractors, and RV’s.
  3. Remove the lug nuts from tires other than your steer tires – with the socket extension, you can remove the lug nuts on any of your wheels.
  4. Your teens can remove their own lug nuts – have you ever been worried that your teen might not be capable of changing their own tire because they might not be able to remove the lug nuts on their wheel? With a Cheater Wrench in their trunk, they’ll be able to change their own flat if they’re stuck somewhere.

teen loosening lug nuts

A cheater wrench requires limited room during its use and it guarantees quick and effortless removal of your lug nuts.

The minimal force needed to operate a cheater wrench ensures that it will last longer than other nut-loosening tools such as tire irons and ratchets. The manufacturers of the Cheater Wrench have so much confidence in their product that they’ve given it a lifetime warranty.