The Best Kind Of Truck Wheel Nut Removal Tool You Can Buy

If you are struggling to remove a tough lug nut from your truck because you can’t find the right tool, then the Cheater Wrench is the best solution to your problem. We guarantee that you will never struggle to remove a lug nut again.

Why the Cheater Wrench is the best option

Unlike impact wrenches or pneumatic torque wrenches that require huge tanks of compressed air or electricity to power, the Cheater Wrench is designed to work without any external power source. The Cheater Wrench is easy to operate. So easy that small children and seniors can operate the wrench without trouble. This allows the Cheater Wrench to be used anywhere, at anytime, by anybody. You’ll be able to avoid stupid injuries that are common when leveraging a cheater bar. You’ll no longer have to worry about falling over when your nut finally gives or sending a wrench flying across the garage to damage other goods and property in the vicinity.

How the Cheater Wrench Works

The Cheater Wrench is a torque multiplier that allows you to turn a lug nut with more force. When you pull the handle gears turn and multiply the force applied to the nut that you’re trying to remove. The Cheater Wrench generates more than 2,500-foot lbs of torque easily. This amount of force should be enough to remove any tough nut. The cheater wrench is appropriate even for large trucks, tractors, or RV’s. Watch our video to see how simple and easy it is to manage this tool. It comes in a convenient carrying case that makes it easy to transport and store anywhere.

Add the Cheater Wrench to your toolbox

The Cheater Wrench is one of the most useful tools for tire changes on the market. The Cheater Wrench will help you save money on roadside assistance and tire maintenance fees. It’s a must for those that camp and travel often in isolated areas. Make sure you don’t get stuck with an unhelpful tire iron when you’re far from cell service or reliable repair shops. In addition to being easy and simple to operate, the Cheater Wrench comes with a lifetime warranty. We are so confident our tool will never break on you while changing a lug nut that we promise to replace it if it does. Having a Cheater Wrench in your toolbox will give you confidence and peace of mind.