Flat tires happen all the time, even on big boy vehicles like RVs, tractors, and trailers. In order to change that flat tire, the lug nuts must be removed. And that is where the first problem begins. Because removing lug nuts can be such a pain on these larger vehicles in particular, a large number of tools have popped up, all proclaiming a fix to the problem. However, one raises to the top, recognized to be the superior solution to drivers all across America: the Cheater Wrench.

To better understand the power of the Cheater Wrench, let’s first consider the other options.

Breaker Bar w/ Cheater Bar

A simple breaker bar or a 4-way lug wrench may be enough to remove a standard lug nut on a regular car, but not so for an industrial sized vehicle or RV. On bigger vehicles sometimes the lug nuts can be torqued to up to 75,000 lbs-ft — that’s a lot of torque, and a mere breaker bar simply won’t do. That’s way some people have taken up the practice of using so-called “cheater” bars to get the lug nut moving. Cheater bars can quickly get unruly and ridiculously long (just watch this video.) Even big guys sometimes need to bounce up and down on the end of cheater bar and then it still might not work. If it does, the bar may come loose unexpectedly and send the poor user to the hospital.

Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is undoubtedly a great option. These leverage technology to make well — more leverage. Impact wrenches are usually pneumatic or electric. The pneumatic ones are more powerful and professional grade; shops usually use these high-powered torque masters to do the job. The electric wrenches are often seen as weaker but they can be cordless, only requiring a battery to work. The impact wrench is undoubtedly a great tool, but they also have their downsides: they’re expensive, the cheapest models starting at $300; they require a power source, either an air hose or a battery pack; sometimes honest, old-fashioned leverage is just better.

Cheater Wrench

Introducing the Cheater Wrench. The cheater wrench uses modern craftsmanship to make the most out of old-fashioned leverage; in other words, it’s a torque multiplier, and it’s the lug nut remover many can’t live without. See how it works. No battery. No six-foot long bar. We think the customer reviews speak for themselves:

SwampFox: “I love it. Honestly, I am pretty critical of today’s tools and quality of such items but this Hoss is well worth the money. If you don’t have access to airgun or a tire shop, this is your ticket. So easy my 60-year-old wife took off 2 lug nuts. Whether you are removing semi truck or RV lug nuts this works great. Stop breaking Breaker bars and pipes; this is easy!”

T Jackson: I was in the California desert when I first realized I needed to be able to change my own tires. This tool and a tire would have saved me $1600. Every trucker needs one of these.

Doug Adelmann: I needed to break free some large tie rods on a hydraulic cylinder that were torqued to 1920 ft-lbs; the Cheater Wrench did the job.