Your dad’s birthday is coming up and you’re racking your brain trying to figure out what to get him this year. Sure, you can always get him another tie or some socks or maybe even a new wallet but you know you can do better. Besides, those gifts are not very imaginative and he probably has enough socks and ties by now.

Need inspiration? Check out some of our gift ideas to make this your dad’s most special birthday yet.

The Cheater Wrench

If your dad owns a truck or RV, he might have told you how much trouble he has changing tires on his vehicle. Why not make his day by giving him a Cheater Wrench? This torque multiplier is specially designed to allow the user to apply more torque per turn than an ordinary tire iron, making is easy to loosen lug nuts on big vehicles. Your dad will appreciate the convenience and money saved by changing his own flats while on the road.

A Drone

Drones are awesome and which dad wouldn’t want one? Your dad will love having his own flying robot and it won’t be long before he figures out how to do new tricks with it. Get him one that can take pictures and videos and your place in his good books will be guaranteed.

BBQ Branding Iron

Dads everywhere love manning the BBQ so get him his own personal branding iron to ensure his efforts don’t go unnoticed. A BBQ branding iron comes with all letters in the alphabet, enabling your dad to sear his name or message onto the meat as it cooks. This gift will allow him to put his own distinctive stamp on his culinary creations.

Backyard Mini-Golf Course

Give your dad hours of golfing fun and exercise by setting up a miniature golf course in his backyard. You can even put in some bonding time with him by turning this into a family DIY project. To save money, convert everyday household items into a variety of outlandish obstacles for a fun and wacky course. With a mini-golf course in his backyard, your dad is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood, not to mention all the fun you’ll have at family get-togethers.

Paintball Day Out

If your dad is active and harbors a competitive streak, make his birthday one to remember by organizing a family paintball challenge outing. You can book a full day of action at a paintball center and make the event more fun and challenging by dividing the family into competing teams. You can also set up different game scenarios to give teams a chance to pit their wits against each other and emerge victorious.

So this year ditch those boring and predictable birthday presents and give your old man something unique to make his special day truly memorable.