A torque wrench, more commonly called a socket wrench, is a device that utilizes leverage and gears to amplify your own strength to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. The design of the internal mechanism of a torque wrench makes it easy for anyone to apply a minimal amount of force to remove or replace a lug nut from a car’s wheel. The size of the socket placed at the end of the wrench fits the exact design and diameter of the nut or bolt to make it easier to remove.

A torque wrench multiplier is a device that takes the concept of gears using leverage to amplify force to a whole new level. The Cheater Wrench, a torque wrench multiplier, allows anyone to use their own strength to remove or replace lug nuts on any size wheel. The larger mechanism on the Cheater Wrench uses large gears to easily remove even the toughest lug.

Why Would You Need a Torque Wrench Multiplier?

According to CarMD.com, the average car repair job in the United States ranges from $435.47 to $354.13. Something as simple as having a tire replaced could wind up costing you hundreds of dollars, not including any other work your car might need to have done.

With a car jack and torque multiplier wrench, anyone can make changing a tire into a quick job. If you carry a full spare, then you can take care of your entire tire job yourself and save a lot of money. This wrench will also help you make a quick tire change when you are stranded in an area that doesn’t look very safe.

How Does It Work?

To use this special torque wrench, you simply put the right size socket on your lug and then attach the wrench. By turning the wrench handle, you are applying all of the force needed to easily remove any lug that was applied using a powerful air tool. The Cheater Wrench also comes with a set of accessories you can use to remove and replace the lug accurately onto the mount to avoid stripping the bolt.

One of the most convenient features of a torque wrench multiplier is that you are able to replace the lug with the same pressure and force of an air-powered tool. Instead of paying a mechanic to tighten the lug nut for you later on, you can apply all of the pressure you need when you replace the lug nut the first time.

A torque wrench multiplier is also convenient for do-it-yourself home mechanics who cannot afford air-powered tools. This sort of wrench is all you need to remove and replace any nut or bolt on your vehicle. You can also use it for larger jobs around the house, such as repairing a metal swing set or building a wooden deck. When you have a tool like this, you can use leverage to your advantage and do tasks that might have otherwise seemed challenging. Over the years, the savings and convenience of this practical tool will make it a welcome addition to your toolbox.