How The Cheater Wrench Works

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What is torque exactly?

Torque is a word that simply means rotational force. If you have ever used a wrench, you have applied torque. To amplify your torque, you can either increase your leverage with something like a cheater bar or use a torque multiplier like the Cheater Wrench™.

How does it multiply torque?

The Cheater Wrench utilizes gears to multiply torque. As you rotate the handle, several gears inside the wrench act together to amplify the force. You can see this by rotating the handle and then watching the impact. After dozens of turns, the impact has only rotated one revolution.

Is it hard to turn?

No, the Cheater Wrench safely generates more than 2,500 foot lbs. of torque. Most tough lug nuts on trucks, tractors or RV’s are set to somewhere near 500 lbs. of torque. The Cheater Wrench easily loosens these lug nuts. A child could use the Cheater Wrench without any trouble.

Can I see how it is used?

Yes, simply watch this video below for a demonstration of how you can use the Cheater Wrench.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. The Cheater Wrench comes with a lifetime tool warranty. We are confident the Cheater Wrench will never break while removing a lug nut. If it does, simply send it back to us in the case with all its components and we will replace it for you. This warranty is non-transferable and void if you ever use an impact gun with the Cheater Wrench. Only use it how it was designed and for its intended purpose of removing lug nuts.

How do I re-torque my lug nuts?

Using out patent pending method, you can use the Cheater Wrench to return your lug nuts to the same level of torque. Watch this video demonstration for more information: