Pop! Flap-patter-patter-patter-patter…

It is a sound that fills every driver with a feeling of dread: a flat tire. Whether a loose nail on the road, wear and tear, or just plain bad luck, when you get a flat the only thing you can do is pull over and change it. But what if you don’t know how?

According to NBC News, as many as 60% of Americans aren’t confident in their ability to change a tire. That is a staggering figure; is it any wonder so many people are calling AAA? Save yourself the service fee, and learn the simple steps of changing one yourself.

Step One – Pull Over To a Safe Spot

Not every roadside is a good one for changing a tire. For example, the road may be narrow, and you might be at risk of getting hit when you are bent down near the road. Find a good spot well away from cars, even if it means driving a short distance on your flat. Be sure to put on your hazard lights, as well!

Step Two – Prepare Your Vehicle

Your car should be in park and turned off, with the parking brake applied for extra protection. If you have wheel wedges, put them under the wheels. If not, move right onto the jack, lifting the car and making sure it is locked into place. Remove the hubcap or wheel cover, exposing the lugnuts underneath.

Step Three – Remove The Tire

Using your Cheater Wrench, remove each of the lugnuts. Make sure you put them in a safe spot, so they don’t roll away or get lost. Once the lugnuts are removed you will be able to pull off the flat tire by pulling it towards your body, holding between the treads of the tire with both hands. If you have gloves you may want to wear them, to protect it from tar and dirt left over from driving.

Step Four – Replace The Tire

Place the spare tire on the mounts, making sure it fits firmly in place. Then replace the lugnuts, tightening them partially by hand until you can’t manually turn them anymore. Lower the car part way, then use the Cheater Wrench to fully tighten the lugnuts to their original torque. Lower the car the rest of the way and remove the jack. Replace the car wheel or hubcap.

That’s it! You changed the tire, and with the CheaterWrench it was as easy as pie. Find out more at CheaterWrench.com.