Money-Saving Tips for Tractor Owners

You bought a tractor to save you work, and in the long run, it should save you money, too. But when your tractor breaks down or needs maintenance, it might feel more like an expense than anything. The bad news is that if you want to keep your tractor running smoothly, it will always need maintenance. The good news is that you can take preventative measures to save on repair costs, and even do some of those eventual repairs yourself. Here are a few tips that will help you save money.

Maintaining Your Tractor

The better job you do of maintenance, the fewer breakdowns and repairs you’ll have to deal with.

  1. Fill the gas tank all the way
    Fuel tanks are made of plastic, which has a way of trapping condensation (especially with biodiesel). Fuel and water from that condensation will separate when heated up by tractor use, and that water isn’t good for for your engine or fuel lines. Water in your fuel tank can also grow algae, and believe it or not, that’s damaging to performance. If you fill your gas tank all the way, there will be little room for condensation.
  2. Don’t skip the service
    Your owner’s manual tells you how often your tractor needs oil and filter changes, etc. Don’t ignore those recommendations. They might seem like a pain, but they can really save your engine life. Take advantage of any down time your tractor has to get those things done before you exceed the recommended hour limits.
  3. Fix your own grease ports
    Any tractor owner will eventually have to deal with broken grease ports. It’s not a difficult repair to handle yourself once you learn how.
  4. Charge it up before winter
    If you store a drained battery over the winter, it can freeze and become unusable. Once it’s been trickle-charged, your batter can be stored unplugged if you like. And before storing, clean the terminals and battery surface. Any voltage can travel through moisture and dirt and cause a power drain.
  5. Grease regularly
    This is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your tractor and other machines. Do it regularly and thoroughly. For example, grease those U-joints on all 4 sides. If you miss a part, it’ll eventually fail.
  6. Use the off-season
    Not only can you take advantage of off-season down time (if you can call it that) to repair or maintain your equipment, but you’ll also get better prices on parts.
  7. Get the right tools
    How many times have you had to get help taking lug nuts off for a simple tire repair? Any tractor owner should really have the appropriate tool to handle this job. One such tool is called the Cheater Wrench, and it’ll save you from battling the lug nuts on your tractor, truck or RV. See how it works.

Tractors are meant to last a long time. Chances are you paid good money for yours, and you deserve to get good life out of it. With a regular maintenance and a little bit of DIY spirit, you can save yourself a lot of money over the life of your tractor. Do things right, and it should serve you well for many years.