Anyone who has had to change a flat tire knows that lug nuts can be tough to get off. Since tires are usually exposed to the elements, the lug nuts can get coated in dirt, rust and other gunk making them harder to remove.

When it comes to removing stubborn or stuck lug nuts, your standard tire iron or wrench just won’t cut it. Using a cheater bar together with a wrench or tire iron might get the job done but you also run the risk of damaging the threads on the lug nuts. Even worse, the breaker bar or nuts might fly off and injure you in the process.

Other times, you just don’t have the arm strength required to apply enough torque to turn and loosen the nuts, especially if you are dealing with huge wheels such as those on tractors or RVs. This is where the Cheater Wrench comes in handy.

How Does The Cheater Wrench Work?

The Cheater Wrench is a torque multiplier lug wrench. Torque is the rotational force needed to remove or tighten threaded fasteners such as nuts or bolts. Torque multipliers are ideal for use when there is a high torque requirement such as when removing the lug nuts of your RV or truck.

Since it’s a torque multiplier, the Cheater Wrench can amplify the force required to get just about any lug nut unstuck. This handy tool uses a system of gears to generate more than 2,500 foot lbs. of torque, which is more than enough to loosen any stubborn nuts.

Better yet, anyone can use the Cheater Wrench without breaking a sweat. This lug wrench comes with a socket extension so all you have to do is find the correct socket to fit your vehicle’s lug nuts. Once this is done, connect the tool’s output shaft to the socket then rotate the handle. The series of gears inside the wrench will then act together to loosen the targeted lug nuts. This simple process makes it easy for anyone to use the Cheater Wrench to change tires on their own without any hassle.

Convenience And Ease Of Use

So if you are tired of always struggling to remove lug nuts and change your own flats, why not give the Cheater Wrench a try? You’ll be delighted to find that it’s sturdier and more reliable than a regular tire iron. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty so if it ever breaks while you’re removing lug nuts, you’ll get a replacement (provided you weren’t using an impact gun with the wrench).

With the Cheater Wrench in your toolbox, you’ll realize the ease and convenience of removing and replacing any nuts or bolts on your vehicle, saving you both time and money.