Why Do Lug Nuts Stick

Sometimes it feels like lug nuts become stuck out of sheer spite. It sure felt that way before we created the Cheater Wrench.

There are actually a variety of legitimate factors behind lug nuts becoming stuck. While you don’t need to know why it became stuck to be able to loosen a lug nut, some of the reasons why they become stuck can be avoided.

Road Debris Jam Up Vehicles

This is one of the unavoidable ways your lug nuts become jammed. The fact is, as we drive our vehicles, the wheels are susceptible to any and all road debris we run over.

Some hubcap designs can protect your lug nuts from stray road trash but many other hubcap designs can help trap things. So the next time you go to loosen your stuck lug nuts, check if there is something trapped in the lug nut well.

Rusty Lug Nuts

Rust build up on lug nuts is a preventable up to a point. Regular cleaning will keep you informed of the condition of your lug nuts and keep them rust-free. Be sure that when your vehicle is not in use, it is kept dry. If it is constantly parked near a sprinkler, or you live in a rainy/humid climate, your lug nuts may rust faster than they should with normal wear and tear.

If you do let things become a bit rusty down there, it isn’t impossible to remove your lug nuts. Using your trusty torque multiplying wrench, you can easily take off rusty lug nuts.

Lug Nuts Too Tight

Having your lug nuts on too tight is definitely a side effect of taking your vehicle into a mechanic’s shop. They tend to use pneumatic wrenches, which uses compressed air to tighten your lug nuts back on. This can make lug nuts hard for mere human strength to remove later.

You can avoid this problem by using a Cheater Wrench for all your tire needs, and save money by skipping the mechanic for tire changes.

Stripped Lug Nut Removal

A stripped lug nut is every vehicle owner’s nightmare. This issue can be the result of several different factors:

  • Bought the car used and didn’t check the tires thoroughly.
  • Mechanic stripped lug nuts when putting the tire on.
  • Owner stripped the lug nuts.

You can avoid this problem by making sure you always have the right tool for the job. With a force multiplying Cheater Wrench, you won’t have to jerk your lug nuts around and potentially strip them.

Overall, most of the various reasons lug nuts become stuck are avoidable. So save yourself from the frustration and cost of trapped lug nuts and invest in a Cheater Wrench.