There are a lot of wrenches in the world, and it is common knowledge that a larger wrench is more powerful. Except the Cheater Wrench uses torque multiplication and not just sheer size to work its magic. So how do some of the world’s largest and supposedly most powerful wrenches stack up with the Cheater Wrench?

30-inch Adjustable Wrench VS Cheater Wrench

Channellock came out with the largest adjustable wrench on the market. It seems almost unfair to put the Cheater Wrench next to an adjustable wrench, as adjustable wrenches can fit more projects. However, the end result had a clear victor.

30” Adjustable Wrench Cheater Wrench
Cost $434.11 $129.37
Length 30 inches 15 inches
Power application Leverage Multiplying torque
Socket capacity 78 mm (3”) 60 mm (2.36”)
Conditional Lifetime

When it comes to price, power, and warranty, the Cheater Wrench clearly comes out on top. For less than a third of the cost, you can buy the Cheater Wrench and not have to wrestle unruly nuts. Instead, rely on torque multiplication and not leverage.

Also, the adjustable wrench warranty claims can be rejected for a variety of reasons, some of them because you used it “too much”. The Cheater Wrench comes with a lifetime warranty because we understand that this is a tool and it needs to be able to be used without worry.

The one aspect that puts the adjustable wrench ahead is the 78 mm which the wrench can expand to. But overall, the Cheater Wrench is a better tool.

Breaker Bar VS Cheater Wrench

Break bars are commonly used by the same people who would benefit from a Cheater Wrench. The average length of a breaker bar is 24 inches, but the Titan Jumbo Breaker Bar is 40 inches long. It attempts to use the greater length as leverage so the user can multiply their torque. However, the Cheater Wrench multiplies torque without extra exertion or superfluous length.

40” Breaker Bar Cheater Wrench
Cost $79.99 $129.37
Length 40 inches 15 inches
Power application Leverage Multiplying torque
Socket capacity N/A 60 mm (2.36”)
Warranty Lifetime Limited Lifetime

The only real positive the breaker bar has going for it is the lower cost. But notice two key things: there are no sockets and a lifetime limited warranty. When you buy the breaker bar, you only purchase the bar and you have to buy the socket adapters separately. With the Cheater Wrench, you receive 4 sockets with your purchase with the ability to purchase more sockets and adaptors.

As for the limited lifetime warranty, we weren’t able to find out what the “limited” meant, which doesn’t inspire much confidence.

It is clear that the largest wrenches the world has to offer just don’t size up to the Cheater Wrench. So don’t waste your time and money trying to make an unwieldy wrench do the job made for the Cheater Wrench. Because bigger clearly doesn’t mean better.