Carry Your Own Semi Truck Lug Nut Remover

The lug nuts on a semi truck are much larger than the lug nuts found on a typical car. They are they same as the lug nuts on a normal pickup, just much bigger. Normally, to remove lug nuts of these proportions, you need complicated equipment and powerful tools. Some of these tools are not even sold in a normal auto parts store, like a special high-capacity jack and 12-ton jack stands. Fortunately, the Cheater Wrench makes it possible to remove semi truck lug nuts without all that equipment, it’s not even hard!

How Does It Work?

The Cheater Wrench is an excellent tool that utilizes gears to multiply torque. When the handle is rotated, several gears inside the wrench act together to amplify the force. This makes it super easy to turn and makes the whole process almost effortless. It is so easy to turn that even a child would be able to use it. The wrench is able to generate more than 2,500 lbs. of torque! There is only about 500 lbs. of torque needed to loosen tough lug nuts on RV’s and trucks. The capacity of torque the Cheater Wrench is able to handle is more than capable of removing semi truck lug nuts.

Major Money/Time Savings

There are many stories of truck drivers just trying to do their job, when all of a sudden they realize they have to change a tire. If they are out in the middle of the desert without the correct knowledge and equipment this can be a huge problem. While it is definitely still possible to change semi truck tires with other equipment, the Cheater Wrench has helped truck drivers all around the nation by saving them a lot of time and money. Here are a few examples from customers.

T Jackson: “I was in the California desert when I first realized I needed to be able to change my own tires. This tool and a tire would have saved me $1600. Every trucker needs one of these.”

Doug Adelmann: “I needed to break free some large tie rods on a hydraulic cylinder that were torqued to 1920 ft-lbs; the Cheater Wrench did the job.”

The Cheater Wrench is very helpful to truckers who need to change their own tires easily and efficiently. It isn’t electrically powered either, which is a benefit when electricity isn’t available. The Cheater Wrench is a tool every driver should have, and we’re so confident in its ability that we offer a lifetime warranty.